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Currently, when the world is a global village and mobility is the order of the day, we are faced with a growing need to translate various types of documents required by elite translation Abu Dhabi that require certified translation, or administrative documents destined for another country, namely certificates of qualifications, birth and marriage records, divorce sentences, death certificates, notarial deeds, criminal records, licenses, contracts, driving licenses or IMTT declarations, medical reports and sick leave, financial information, invoices, finally the list it is extensive and varied.

We have already addressed several issues related to translation nowadays, in which Artificial Intelligence is assuming more and more preponderance, namely machine translation, the essential role of human intervention and even great reasons to use translation management software, among others.

Let us now look at the certified translation, what types of certifications are available, what they are for and why using a translation company certified by the International Quality Standard is so important.

The legal validity of a translated document is attributed by its certification with a government body, organization or individual determined by the legislation of the country in which it is intended to have legal value.

In Asia, there are very less to no sworn translators, and sworn translations are performed by translation companies and translators, as well as translation agencies certified by the elite translation Abu Dhabi. It is indeed a novelty to find a translation company that you can rely on.

Benefits Of Hiring Professionals For Certified Translations:

The number of benefits you get by hiring professional translators to get your work done surely surpasses the money this process requires. You are not only ensured the best quality, but you also get the best comprehension there can be.

Professional translators make sure they weigh every word before adding it to your document. Their work has very little to absolutely no errors of interpretation as professional certification translators are masters of both the languages they need to deal with. They have a sound grip on both the source language as well as the one you need your translation in. You will get absolute precision in addition to a hustle-free process of getting all your document translated. 

Some Intriguing Queries: 

Now that we’ve presented the types of certifications available let’s try to clarify the 6 doubts that most often trouble those who find themselves faced with this need.

What Is A Certified Translation And What Is It For?

1) What type of document should be the basis for the translation project and subsequent legal certification and why?

There are 3 types of documents that can be made available for translation:

  • Original
  •  A simple photocopy of the original
  • Certified photocopy of the original document

Everything will depend on the requirement made by the entity requesting the translation (for example, if the translation of a certificate of qualifications requires the addition of the original certificate) and on the need or not of the holder wishing to keep the said document in his possession.

If you can attach a simple photocopy of the original document or if the original document is required along with the translation, but you don’t need to keep that original document, then you don’t have to worry. However, if this is the case, it will be in your interest to authenticate the photocopy as this way, you can keep the original document in your possession and at the same time meet the requirement of the entity that requests you to translate and join an authentic document

2) What makes up a certification and how does it relate to a sworn translation?

The legal certification of a translation is equivalent to the figure of the sworn translation. The certification consists of the document made available for translation and the translation itself. It also contains a draft signed by a lawyer with powers for the act and with all the data on the certified translation. Finally, it also contains proof of registration of the act with the authoritative entities.

3) Is a single legal translation certification enough for several documents or must each document have a legal translation certification?.

It does not matter for those who legally certify the translation. The difference will be in the fact that, in the case of a single legal certification of translation of several documents, these cannot be subsequently detached.

If you want to give different destinations to the various documents translated, then you must apply for as many legal translation certifications as there are documents to be translated.

4) Why is Legal Certification necessary?

The need to legally certify the translation depends on the entity requesting that translation. If the said entity requires it, it will have to ask us. If you don’t require it, then the translation will be enough.

5) What is the validity of the digital version of the certification?

The digital version of the certification is not valid for third parties; only the physical version is valid, although we can digitize it and send it via email or post.

 6) Who makes the Legal Certification?

We do not need to resort to external services. As it integrates an internal legal office made up of lawyers with powers for the act, the entire certification process runs within with clear gains in costs and time.

We have collaborators with technical competence to carry out certified translation services in various areas, such as legal, financial or commercial, where translation certification is often a requirement. You can consult the rules for certified translations with our representatives.

Certified Translation At Elite Translation Abu Dhabi

Do you need a certified translation? The Elite translation Abu Dhabi has the answer to your need. For more information on certified and sworn document translation services provided, visit our website and find out all about certified translations. We are a company with extensive experience in the areas of certified translation and sworn translation, with offices in the UAE.