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Tips To Start Your T-Shirt Printing Business

The t-shirt printing market is a terrific one to be in, whether you decide to establish a bespoke t-shirt printing firm or a unique brand of t-shirts. However, before starting your new business, you need to know some basics of the procedure to make perfect printed t-shirts.

No t-shit printing business should be based on any guesswork. You have to be able to make well-reasoned decisions to run a successful business. Refer to this beginner’s guide to know some of the primary mistakes people usually make and how to avoid these.

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Print placement is often confused with location; however, it’s the precise measurement of where the design should be printed within the location. Your design may be spectacular, but it will lose its visual appeal if the placement is incorrect.

It may be easy to achieve if you choose to have a conventional positioning of graphics on your printed t-shirts, like the front or the back. But unconventional positioning, such as in the arms of a t-shirt, needs some extra care and caution.


There is no set criterion to get the perfect composition. However, there are several basic composition guidelines that, when followed, can significantly improve a design.

 If you want to learn how to improve your composing game, there are numerous tools available online. The placement of parts that are too far apart or too close together is a common blunder.

Alternatively, the entire design could be off-kilter, leading the eye in the wrong direction. Alternatively, here is where you must be extra cautious– the type could be read incorrectly. So, if your design has many different elements going on, it’s better to seek a few people for their opinion to finalize the perfect composition.

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Contrast is an element of color selection, but it is a particular and significant consideration. It’s the degree of visual contrast between the image’s darker and brighter areas or how color tones relate to one another.

Bright colors on a dark background, of course, will have great contrast. The overall contrast can be influenced by the design and the content and which colors have the largest surface area or are the most dominant.

A colorful, eye-catching graphic with vivid colors on the printed t-shirts will help to increase the contrast against a dark background. The goal isn’t always to achieve the highest contrast possible. Low-contrast prints are popular because of their delicate appearance. However, there is a delicate line between low-contrast and no-contrast, so be cautious.


The business of t-shirt design and printing is proliferating, with many new players entering the market.

So, avoiding basic errors and making the right decisions can help you go a long way in making your business successful. We hope that this guide on creating printed t-shirts will help you with everything you need to get started while designing t-shirts.