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Know how about Golf Handicap in Australia

The Golf handicap in Australia is based on calculation initiated by World Handicapping System! The maximum playing handicap permitted in Australia is 36 for men and 45 for women. The sores are based on the scores of each golfer for their initial handicap calculation.

The website has all the details of Australian golfers’ handicaps. The system has linked more than 410,000 Australian golf members and more than 1650 golf clubs! One can visit any golf club and verify one’s golf handicap. One can play around in any club and can have the handicap updated immediately.

Golf Australia has worked with golf’s international governing bodies namely R&A and the United States Golf Association (USGA) to determine a single handicapping system of golf!

How to correct the handicap?

It can be done through Slope. Slope adjusts a player’s handicap for the course they are playing by using the ratings! The slope increases the portability of handicaps and manages more playing fields for golfers.

What is the difference between Slope rating & Scratch Rating?

Slope rating factors into the challenge posed to the player, whereas Scratch ratings are based moreover on the challenge a golf course possesses to an elite player!

Know how about Golf Handicap in Australia

The Scratch ratings are also important. Both the ratings work in tandem with each other. The Slope Rating tells one to play how many shots a player needs for a course to play to the Scratch rating.

The features of Slope?

Every set of tees on every golf course in Australia has a Slope rating which has been based on the course rating system. The maximum Slope rating is 155, which is termed a difficult one. The minimum easier is 55. The neutral Slope Rating is 113. Every set of tees also has a Scratch rating!

A Golf Australia has standardized nationwide a handicap index for every player. This is popularly called GA Handicap! The GA Handicap is calculated by averaging the best 8 of a player’s recent 20’ score differentials.

Every score in each of the player’s handicap records is displayed on the website… regularly. The score of every player is standardized first by measuring based on a neutral Slope Rating of 113!

The GA Handicap is displayed on the website. If the player’s handicap is from Scratch, the impact of the Slope Rating will be greater on one’s daily handicap!

A player is required to submit 3X 18 hole scores or 6 x 9 hole scores or a combination of both to obtain a GA Handicap. All clubs in Australia immediately upload all scores of players on the website. They do not wait till all 54 holes are played.

The Daily Handicap is calculated like …DH = (GA Handicap x (Slope Rating divided by 113) + (Scratch rating minus par) x 0.93.

The golf Clubs in Australia calculate for the player and gives results. The players need not worry at all! GA provides to every club easy-to-use Daily Handicap posters! It also provides immediate handicap updates and not the lapsed handicaps! Also optional handicapping of 9- hole rounds as well!