Fire Inspection Software

Features You Need in Fire Inspection Software

The fire inspecting company has a lot of duties in surveying the spot and inspection of every detail. However, a man may commit a mistake in the inspection. A paper and a pen may be the reason for the uncertainty in the inspection. But now we have mobile phones, tablets, iPhones, etc. Advanced technology has gifted us with high featured applications, and among them is the best fire inspection software.

With the help of this fire inspection reporting software, the fire departments have developed themselves. They can rely more on this type of software for better outcomes. The entire inspection process can be meticulously be arranged digitally.

The following are the top five features that should included in any fire inspection software:

CAMEO Integration

Some hazardous chemicals are necessary to store them correctly. And the chemicals are got for the sake of fire incidents. There are Cameo Chemicals which is a comprehensive chemicals-based database. It includes the air and water imbalance, health issues, and much more precarious. It is beneficial to inform you about the chemicals that can store or need tracking. There is no need to carry a hard copy of the names and featured. Such chemicals as your digital CAMEO in the best fire inspection software. So, it is enough to inform you about all these chemicals.

Historical Property Data

Top 5 Features You Need in Fire Inspection Software

The owners are capable of purchasing more than one building. The great business person also is capable of establishing their business from one place to another. It will be pretty impossible to store the previous data. But building a new business in the same building demands close observation and inspection. The fire department has to track all the history. The best fire inspection software can record and track all the previous data easily by checking through the spot.

Permitting Capabilities

A homeowner may be a little conscious about the permission of fire inspection. But if you have the best fire inspection software, the date-wise permission report, emails, the printing of documents handled smoothly. 

Batch Fire Inspection Routine

An inspector may have multiple inspections. You will write all the information in your diary or paper, but they can never arrange the schedule for you. But the best inspection software can permit you to arrange your schedule as per your work time. You wouldn’t need to keep an excel document for this, either.

Images and Attachments

There is no procedure to attach images to your paper records. But taking a clear picture can be more beneficial for you in your detailed inspection. The best fire inspection software can quickly provide you more images and other necessary attachments.


The best fire inspection software should possess the features mentioned above. The fire inspection procedure is handled safely and securely. Also, your property is safe from any unlikely fire occurrences.